Professor Lindsay Turner

Professor of Research in the College of Business at Victoria University,  Melbourne with specialised training and consulting experience in   quantitative modelling and statistics in economics.

He has published extensively in the areas of tourism economics, forecasting and the analysis of culture in tourism. He is  also a  Special Advisor on the editorial board of the UK journal Tourism Economics and editorial board member of the USA Journal of Travel Research.

Mr. Carl Solomon

Director of Tourism and Partnerships of New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Executive. He is known for his significant reform in the nature and cultural tourism industry in Australia, engaging communities and delivering innovation solutions to attract more visitors and increase revenue.

He has designed and delivered sustainable tourism action plans and experience development  strategies, including the New South Wales (NSW) National Parks Sustainable Tourism Action Plan, Nature Tourism Plan for the NSW River Red Gum Region and the NSW National Parks Sustainable Mountain Biking and Sustainable Horse-riding Strategies.